Steve, I found a pluggin to add to a wordpress site and I think Bond Solon is a wordpress site, this pluggin makes it extremely easy to add a video file (flv) as a rtmp or as normal html code. When you make a new post between the various options, bold, cursive, link, unlink etc, etc, on top of the box, there is another options, can be youtube, google videos and more important in our case the FLV file, so you write your post and when you want to enter the video click on the FLV button and enter the link, this link can be simple html or rtmp, let me show:
html link:

or a rtmp:
rtmp:// main intro.flv
then save it, publish the post and you’ll have a nice player on your site with your red5 streaming videos.
An example is given below:

[flv]rtmp:// main intro.flv[/flv]

of course the all player comes with a number of skins and can be fully adjusted.

The pluggin is free but if you want to add your own logo to the player you would have to buy the license, not sure but it should be less then $100.

Let me know what you think.

By admin