wowza cheap servers

Today, you will find hundreds of web wowza hosting servers on the internet. Since when the World Wide Web is started, the usage of web hosts has become more. They provide space to the files and other contents that you upload to your website. The chief function of the web hosts is to provide space for your files. With the use of File Transfer Protocol (FTP), you can easily upload several different types of files to your website. This is the advantage of web hosts to give your files security and storage.
The media contents such as audios and videos need a host that provides the viewing of the media contents directly from the website. There are the developments of specific web servers for them known as media servers or web media hosting. The use of streaming videos and audios is done more and more nowadays. So, there must be some specific websites that allow information to the users about the videos and audios. These media servers are used more often for keeping the media file storage. There are many web media servers that are functioning today. One such web media host or server is wowza. This is the web server that provides lots of features to the users. There are several distinct features of this web hosting service that make it different from the others. This is today the most widely used web media servers of the world. You can see lots of media files stored on the web hosts. The hosting of media files and publishing them are the main functions of this web host. The media servers offer several functions. Wowza servers are extremely helpful in keeping and storing the media contents of many websites and making them published as per the requirement.
Today, there are lots of developments in the technology. The addition of various computer languages has changed the way the internet looked like. Object embedding and linking, AJAX, enhanced JavaScript, and HTML 5.0 are some of the latest developments in the internet contents. Now, what you see when you open the web page is decidedly different from the one that was seen few years back. The addition of various resources to the websites is now common. If you are trying to create a website, you must be thinking of embedding your media files to it. There are various methods of sharing your media content on your website. However, you must remember that the entire media servers are not that efficient as wowza servers are. So, this is the one main reason for trusting wowza hosting. You can find various free media servers too. But there are various limitations that you have to face there. You do not get enough storage and the tariff rates are extremely low. So, people do not trust the free web hosts. One must know the most notable thing about the media hosts that if you have some truly private media contents, they cannot be shared to general public as such. So, you need a trusted source where you can keep your media files and put them in your website.

rtmp on a player… simple

Steve, I found a pluggin to add to a wordpress site and I think Bond Solon is a wordpress site, this pluggin makes it extremely easy to add a video file (flv) as a rtmp or as normal html code. When you make a new post between the various options, bold, cursive, link, unlink etc, etc, on top of the box, there is another options, can be youtube, google videos and more important in our case the FLV file, so you write your post and when you want to enter the video click on the FLV button and enter the link, this link can be simple html or rtmp, let me show:
html link:

or a rtmp:
rtmp:// main intro.flv
then save it, publish the post and you’ll have a nice player on your site with your red5 streaming videos.
An example is given below:

[flv]rtmp:// main intro.flv[/flv]

of course the all player comes with a number of skins and can be fully adjusted.

The pluggin is free but if you want to add your own logo to the player you would have to buy the license, not sure but it should be less then $100.

Let me know what you think.

what can red5 do?

Have you ever been to a video chat site? your camera on your mic on and you talk and see on your screen your interlocutor? That is one thing that red5 does. facebook uses it. You can also broadcast live using red5, only it needs is a camera connected to your laptop, an encoder like fmle from adobe or a web encoder like the one we have at Online Red5 Encoder.

Then you need a RTMP. Real Time Messaging Protocol (RTMP) is a protocol for  streaming audio, video and data over the Internet, between a Flash player and a server. The rtmp can be provided by a web hosting which has red5 installed on their server like Hosting Marketers.

Another interesting thing red5 can do is to stream videos, the advantages of red5 streaming to progressive streaming are:

Advantages for the end user (client):

    1. The server can detect the client’s connection speed and automatically provide the best video stream.
    2. Playback starts sooner, and the user can skip to any part of the video without having to wait for the whole file to download.

Advantages for the provider (webmaster):

  1. The ability to broadcast live streaming events.
  2. The ability to provide advanced interactive content such as live chat, video conferencing, etc.
  3. Video playback is more efficient, requiring less server resources and data transfer.
  4. Video files are not downloaded to the client’s computer, so there is less chance of content being stolen.
  5. Detailed statistics, diagnostics, etc.

Check how the red5 streams:


Red5 – what is red5?

Red5 is a free, open source Flash server that supports streaming and recording audio/video, live stream publishing and Flash remoting. Its Wowza and Adobe® Flash Media Server are the commercial equivalents. But while they are expensive, for example wowza costs nearly a thousand dollars for 1 server and the adobe version $4500, red5 is free.

Thousands of developers work on it on their spare time. Based on Java and some of the most powerful open source frameworks, Red5 stands as a solid solution for business of all sizes including the enterprise.

Red5 includes support for the latest multi-user API’s including NetConnection, NetStream and SharedObject’s while providing a powerful RTMP / Servlet implementation. In addition to support for the RTMP protocol, the application server has an embedded Tomcat Servlet container for JEE Web Applications. Application development draws additional benefits from the Spring Framework and Scope based event driven services.

Red5 still a long road to go but it an extensible platform that can be used in Video Conferences, live broadcasts, Multi-User Gaming and Enterprise Application Software.